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Welcome to Fairfield Industries

We are industrial engineers, specialising in providing a tailored service to the secured lending industry. Over the course of the past 25 years, Fairfield Industries have developed a range of skills in lifting and moving equipment to provide what is believed to be a unique service to financial institutions and secured lenders throughout the UK and occasionally mainland Europe too.

Please take a look at our current sale and business opportunities below

Castmaster Roll Co. Ltd Foundry

In association with Hilco Industrial we have pleasure in offering for sale due to the closure of Castmaster Roll Co. Ltd Foundry, Stevenson Road, Sheffield, a unique opportunity to purchase first class foundry equipment.
Item 1) 2 x Taylormade Electric Induction Furnaces, both 12 tonne capacity, maximum temperature 1600 deg celsius with hydraulic tilt, automatic cooling system, unified controls. Furnaces originally manufactured in 1991 and 1999 and were both calibrated and brought up to current standard in 2003. Complete with internal extraction system and dust collection system.
Item 2) A range of foundry pouring ladles
Item 3) Spectographic Analyser by Fisons, Model ARL 3460 Optical Emission Spectrometer.
Item 4) Integrated Sand Systems Sand Reclamation Plant
Item 5) Kandu Trition Swing Arm Sand Mixer
Item 6) LTM Electric Anealing Bogie Hearth Furnace with controls
Item 7) Excel Heat Top Hat Furnace

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